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Reduce Costs When Factoring Invoices

When a business is strapped for cash they often turn to factoring accounts receivable as a financing solution. Of course a factoring company expects to earn a profit on the cash advance and charges a fee for their service.

Since the overall goal is improved cash flow, a company considering accounts receivable financing will carefully weigh the benefits against the costs. Here are five ways your business can reduce or offset the cost of factoring and still improve cash flow:Continue Reading

How Recourse and Non Recourse Factoring Compare

If you plan on selling invoices it is important to know whether the funding proposal is for “recourse” or “non-recourse” factoring.  Here is an overview of both methods.

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Tips For A Smooth Factoring Application

Every day business owners juggle the cash flow demands of their companies.  More than ever, they are turning to invoice factoring as a trusted solution, even when banks decline loans and credit lines. If you are considering accounts receivable funding it pays to be prepared. Save time and money by understanding these five tips before […]

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